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Although dental implants are a common and generally reliable way to replace damaged or missing teeth, a dentist or oral surgeon’s mistake during the procedure can cause serious problems. If the professional performing your procedure was unprepared or unqualified and you suffered as a result, you may be able to pursue a dental malpractice case.

At my firm, the Law Office of Dean Schweitzer, I provide comprehensive representation for clients who have been injured or affected by a failed dental implant procedure. As a dentist myself with over 30 years of experience, I understand what is required of this surgical process and I know what goes into a successful procedure. With this unique experience, I am well suited to address your needs and fight for your rights.

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The Results of a Failed Dental Implant

While a successful dental implant procedure may cause some discomfort, severe pain and infection are warning signs that your implant was incorrectly placed.

You should consult with a medical professional immediately if you notice:

  • Swelling
  • Constant aching
  • Numbness caused by nerve damage
  • A broken or cracked implant

Forms of Negligence in Dental Implant Procedures

While not every failed implant is a result of negligence, there are several types of dental negligence that can contribute to dental implant failure:

Infograph of forms of negligence in dental implant procedures

How I Can Fight for You

With a doctor’s confirmation that your condition was caused by a failed dental implant procedure, I can help you seek justice and obtain the compensation you deserve.

When I take on a case like this, I perform thorough research and investigate every aspect of the procedure you underwent. I will analyze the details of your appointments leading up to the procedure and the backgrounds of the dentists and employees at the facility. I leave no stone unturned, exploring every option to make sure my representation is strong and effective. If you are seeking a qualified dental malpractice attorney who can provide personalized and results-driven service, count on the Law Office of Dean Schweitzer located in Santa Clarita.

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Why Choose the Law Office of Dean Schweitzer?

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    I provide my clients with the individualized client experience that they desire. I am always there to let my clients know that their issues matter and to ensure that they receive the attention they deserve.

  • Extensive Experience

    My multiple professional licenses and extensive experience in multiple fields, most applicably in law and dentistry uniquely position me to advocate for clients facing dental malpractice situations, as well as other areas of law.

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