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When you visit the dentist for a routine checkup, you expect that your dentist will be able to recognize potential problems and provide effective solutions for any imminent issues. After all, that is what your regular preventative dental exam is for. But what happens when a dentist fails to catch or mistreats a serious oral health problem you have developed?

Though it can be hard to recognize and pinpoint, a dentist’s failure to diagnose and/or treat a condition puts your health in danger and should be pursued with legal action. As both a dentist with over 30 years of experience and a dental malpractice attorney located in Santa Clarita, I have the experience to recognize misdiagnosis and mistreatment when I see it. I understand what is expected of dentists and what their legal obligations are to patients. I am eager to hold your dentist accountable for the pain and suffering their negligence has caused you.

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Failed Diagnoses or Dental Misdiagnosis

Failed Diagnoses:

You trust your dentist to alert you of any dental problems you are at risk for or have developed. A negligent dentist who fails to recognize the warning signs or symptoms of an oral health problem must be held accountable.

Your health and well-being are at risk and you should not have to bear the burden by yourself. Taking legal action can help you secure the compensation you need to cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering caused by a misdiagnosis.


A misdiagnosis occurs when your dental professional diagnoses your condition incorrectly, and sometimes even goes so far as to provide treatment for the false diagnosis. This type of malpractice can lead to serious complications or suffering on the part of the patient.

Failure to Treat a Condition

Just as dangerous as a missed diagnosis is the failure to properly treat an oral health problem. Your dentist is also liable for inaccurate or unnecessary treatments.

You may have a case if your dentist failed to properly treat:

  • Infections
  • Oral cancer
  • Damaged teeth
  • Gum disease

Dentist Charging for Work Not Done

Another issue that you may find yourself facing is if you suspect that your dentist has charged you for work that was never done. Whether this negligence was intentional or simply careless, you should not allow this kind of treatment to go unpunished. Your health is valuable and you should not be expected to pay for treatment that was never given.

If you believe that you have a dental malpractice or negligence case, seek legal representation right away. At the Law Office of Dean Schweitzer, I help clients understand the legal process they face and guide them through these complicated matters. I understand how devastating misdiagnosis and mistreatment can be and I want to see you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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