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Patients who visit an orthodontist seek care with the promise of a straighter, healthier smile. As a licensed professional, your dentist or orthodontist is held to certain standards of professionalism and competency. He or she is liable if you have suffered preventable harm caused by their negligence or inappropriate treatment.

If you or your child suffered pain, infection, or disease as a result of poor orthodontic care, you have options to seek recourse. The first step is to talk with a skilled orthodontic failure attorney in Santa Clarita. I am both a highly trained lawyer and dentist with extensive experience helping dental patients pursue justice in dental malpractice cases. I look forward to serving as your safe harbor in your time of need.

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How to Recognize an Orthodontic Failure

Problems caused by orthodontic failures are generally easy to recognize. You may be experiencing unusual and severe pain, have an infection, or notice poor results after completing treatment. Whatever the problem may be, rest assured that an orthodontist’s negligence is grounds for legal action – and I am ready to help you with your case.

You may have an orthodontic malpractice case if:

  • Your orthodontist prescribed an inappropriate orthodontic treatment (for example, prescribing Invisalign to a patient who is not eligible for the treatment)
  • You or your child’s teeth are crooked or damaged after treatment
  • Your orthodontist failed to properly monitor you or your child with braces during treatment
  • Your orthodontist incorrectly applied braces
  • You developed an oral health problem as a result of your orthodontic treatment

Moving Forward from Orthodontic Negligence

If you were the victim of orthodontic negligence, it is important to seek legal action as soon as possible. A Santa Clarita orthodontic malpractice attorney can assist you most effectively if you begin your case shortly after noticing a problem.

Allow me to guide you through the complex legal process involved with this type of orthodontic malpractice lawsuit. I have helped countless patients who were unsure who to turn to after a botched orthodontic treatment. I enjoy being personally involved in every aspect of a case I take on, so you can rest assured that I will be by your side every step of the way.

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"I am involved in a dispute with my orthodontist and I did not know where to turn. I was referred to Dean and he immediately made me feel comfortable knowing that someone cared and was willing to listen. Dean’s knowledge and experience as a dentist in an addition to being a lawyer was incredibly beneficial to me because he was immediately able to understand my situation. My case is ongoing but I am so grateful that Dean is on my side and I am confident that I will be properly compensated for the poor dental treatment I received."

- Jamie W.

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